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Are you considering buying a vaporizer? Congratulations! You’ve come to the right place. Vaporizer Depot is the worldwide leader in vaporizer devices, accessories and customer support. We have the largest selection of vaporizers at the lowest prices – guaranteed.

Just like our own physical universe, the vape universe is expanding at a breakneck pace. There’s a whole smorgasbord of delivery devices popping up, with new designs and improvements arriving every week. Herbal Vaporizers of varying sizes and strengths have been created by manufacturers worldwide with specific designs for different environments. With such a vast selection, how do you know what makes one vaporizer better than another vaporizer? How can you tell if an affordable vaporizer is the best vaporizer for you?

Our vapor experts have been immersed in the vaporizer industry for many years. They make it a point to rigorously test every new vaporizer that comes on the market so as to stay on top of the newest trends in design and functionality. Hence our customer service team is well versed in the operation and nuances of each device that enters our store. We are steeped in every aspect of vaporizer technology and we are here to make it as easy as possible for you to buy a vaporizer that you will be satisfied with. These are the key factors to take into account when deciding which vaporizer to buy.





If you’re looking to get a top vaporizer at an affordable price, you can find an array of vaporizers at Vaporizer Depot to fit any budget. We are the worldwide leader in wholesale and retail distribution. From plug-in vaporizers to pen style vapes, we can help you find the right one for your lifestyle.

There are a couple of things to consider when comparing the best vaporizer prices. One is the construction of the device. Generally devices made in the US and Canada are much more durable and reliable than items made overseas. Now if there’s a good manufacturer’s warranty, this may be a moot point because many of these discount vaporizers can still pack a punch, and if they are covered under warranty you are protected with the assurance of replacement parts.

While cost and quality are often directly proportional, you can get one of the best vaporizers on the market at a low price. Vaporizer Depot prices range from $69.95 for the Easy Vape 5, a powerful whip-style vaporizer, to $669 for the Volcano Digital Vaporizer, widely considered the Rolls Royce of plug-in vapes. Normally you should expect to pay somewhere between $100 and $275 for a top vaporizer that will make efficient use of your aromatherapy blends or essential oils. Above all, make sure that your vaporizer suits your lifestyle. If it doesn’t meet your needs, price and quality are pretty much negligible.





Regardless of how reliable your vaporizer is, accidents always rear their ugly head and no product is immune to electrical or mechanical malfunction. If you’re serious about your vaping practice, then a good warranty is essential. A good warranty means that a company cares about its customers and works quickly to resolve any issue with replacement parts or if necessary, a whole new device.

Be sure to carefully read your warranty and pay close attention to the details. Oftentimes there are different warranty periods for individual vaporizer parts (such as batteries, mouthpieces or heating elements) which may be shorter than the overall warranty. Some parts, such as glass wands or draw stems, may not be covered by warranty whatsoever. Certain manufacturers only honor warranties for devices purchased through an authorized distributor. You have no need to worry about Vaporizer Depot warranties as we are an authorized retailer for every manufacturer in our inventory.





Who wants to wait an eternity for their vaporizer to reach optimal temperature? Nobody does. While most portables are capable of heating up in less than one minute, desktop vaporizers often take a little bit longer. Regardless of style, the best vaporizers should take no more than two minutes to reach the optimal vaporizing temperature.

The Volcano Vaporizer, for example, takes about a minute and a half for it to reach the temperature required to fill its iconic balloon bag. For this and many other factors, the Volcano is widely considered the gold standard in the vaporizer realm. Some pen-style vaporizers like the AtmosRx are capable of reaching vaporizing temperatures within a mere 5-7 seconds. That means no waiting around.





In the world of vaporizers, size does matter; everyone is looking to go smaller and more discreet, such as the Magic Flight Launch Box. Dry herb pen style units are very popular for vaporizing loose leaf material, the AtmosRx and Pulsar 7 being of the best. However, their affordability leads to a somewhat lower-quality experience, resulting in charred material or ash. You should truly focus on the quality that portable vapes with a larger battery like the Pinnacle and Arizer Solo bring to the table. And when it comes to desktop vaporizers, there are certainly plenty of options to choose from. One very popular desktop vape is the Volcano, which is perfect for filling balloon bags with vapor, making it easy to pass around your friends. There is also the Vapor Brothers or Silver Surfer for direct draw through a whip, allowing for optimal control over vapor production.

Unlike their dry herb counterparts, with oil pens there is far less margin for error. The best vaped material is concentrated liquid known as juice, oil, or wax; the ingredients are simply evaporating for inhalation without any plant material catching fire. Vaporizer pens like the G-Pen are the wave of the future. These skinny little devices pack quite the punch. They are ideal for travel purposes and outdoor events like concerts, hikes and running errands.





If you’re going to buy a vaporizer, you’re making an investment. Just like your car. Just like your house or your cell phone. Just like the clothes you wear, your vaporizer should say something about who you are. Most importantly, your vaporizer should serve to improve your life, your health and your state of mind.”

– Kylie Victor, Vaporizer Expert, with her Puffit

This is why it’s important to read vaporizer reviews or our Vape Blog for advice on the best vaporizers from the most experienced, most discerning users in the industry. And of course, you can always chat with our Vapor Experts via our Live Chat System anytime between 9AM-5PM PST. At Vaporizer Depot we want you to be an informed buyer and get a personal vaporizer that fits your personal preferences.