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How do I ensure the most vapor production from my vaporizer?


It is important to note that vapor will be distinct from smoking as it is less dense due to the lower temperature. You will see less visible “smoke,” but this is fine as the purpose of vaporizing is to extract only the active ingredients in your material. If you want to see more visible vapor or “clouds” try turning up the temperature.


How do I make sure my order gets shipped the same day I order it?


If you select One-Day Shipping or Two-Day Shipping for an order you place with and your order is placed before 11:59 AM PST, your order will ship the same day. Orders placed after 11:59 AM PST will ship the next business day. Orders placed on non-business days will ship the next day.


Is vaporizing really healthier then smoking?


Instead of heating the contents to a higher temperature and burning them, vaporizing occurs at a lower temperature, between 350-400° F. When contents are vaporized, you receive all the benefits from the contents without the harsh effects and carcinogens of combustion which occurs when smoking.


What kind of smell is experienced when vaporizing?


In contrast with smoking where the smell can be quite apparent, vapor released after inhalation is very light often compared to the smell of slightly burnt popcorn.


What is the free shipping method?


With free shipping it typically takes 3-5 business days to arrive depending on the location. We ship all our packages via UPS or USPS. International orders are not eligible for free shipping.


Are there any parts on my vaporizer which will need to be replaced?


Every vaporizer is comprised of certain parts that might need to be replaced over time to ensure longevity and optimal performance. Screens are the most commonly replaced part. Portable vapes use batteries or chambers which can require replacement, while plug-in units usually have tubing or glass which can require some form of maintenance or replacement. 


Is there a preferred method of packing or using blends when using a vaporizer?


To get the best performance out of any vape no matter what the style, Vaporizer Depot recommends that you grind your blends finely before use. Grinding will allow a more efficient vaporization process as it spreads the contents evenly. Try not to over pack your herbs when loading. In many devices this actually makes it less effective and can lead to overheating.