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Vaporization Methods


Conduction: The classic method for vaporizing common in the older models. The blends are in contact with the heating element which is typically a metal plate that heats up.


Convection: Commonly found in the majority of vaporizers today. They differentiate from conduction based types as they do not make direct contact with the substances used to vaporize. This is the most efficient and effective way for vaporization as hot air is sent over the blends from the heating element.


Vaporizer Types


Forced-Air Vaporizers: The latest in vaporizer technology. These units are high quality vaporizers that work by using a forced-air system. This works by propelling hot air over the herbs, enhancing the vaporization process.  Delivery is achieved by either using a balloon bag system or a whip attachment.


Portable Vaporizers: These types of vaporizers have seen a surge in popularity. They are compact and small enough to be used and taken anywhere. Usually featuring straightforward functionality, portable vaporizers are simple to use and work in a very discrete fashion. Portables are typically powered by either an internal battery, external rechargeable batteries, or butane.




Heating Element: The source of heating and what makes the vaporizer come alive. Heating elements are made of either ceramic which heat up fairly quickly and are durable or steel/aluminum materials.


Heater Cover: To provide protection and a safe contact for the whip, a heater cover surrounds the heating element. Depending on the vaporizer the heater cover is a ground glass (Hands Free) or standard piece.




Glass on Glass: A Vaporizer which uses all glass connection. The majority of hands free vaporizers use a glass on glass connection; this is preferred by many users due the vapor quality robustness and toxin free operation.


Ground Glass: Allows users to not have to hold the whip when vaporizing. From an aesthetic standpoint, these connections appear frosty and durable for very effective connection.


Aromatherapy Bowls/Oil Diffusers


These are glass pieces that allow users to use essential oils with vaporizers. Many vapes are designed for herbal usage, but by using an aromatherapy bowl or oil diffuser the user will be able to make their vaporizer compatible with oils.


Balloon Bags


Food/Medical grade bags that are used on certain vaporizers notable the forced-air types. They work by connecting the unit using a valve system that fills the bag with vapor. Some balloon bags are pre-assembled for easy operation, while others can be customized to the user’s desire.


Whip Kits


2-Piece Whip Kit: Whip kits which break apart into separate pieces for easy screen replacement. Whip kits are comprised of the wand, tubing and mouthpiece.


Wand: A glass piece which is used to hold herbs when vaporizing. It is attached to the whip making a crucial aspect of the kit. There is either a Hands Free or Standard Connection for connecting to the heating element.


Hands Free Whip Kit: These whips are only compatible with vaporizers that utilize a ground glass connection. With a ground glass connection the user is not required to hold the whip over the heating element.


Standard Whip Kit: The most universal whip that is compatible with the majority of vaporizers. You must hold the whip in place when vaporizing.